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Best 5 Home Theater projector for 2018

Best 5 Home Theater projector for 2018

Are you thinking to buy a projector? Well, projectors are a bit more complex than TVs and require a little more time and attention, but the best projectors will bring your home theater to life.  Although a big screen TV is enough for a home theater setup, using a home theater projector with a big display screen can take your movie experience to the next level.

What you need to consider before buying a home Theater Projector:

Compared to a big screen TV, a home theater projector and a display screen can create a more satisfying movie-watching experience. Over the years, video projectors have become increasingly affordable. Let’s check what should you consider before buying a Home Theater Projector:

  1. Can you control the light in the Room?
  2. Is there space for a Screen?
  3. Is there Enough Distance between the projector and screen and how far it is from your seat to the screen?
  4. Do you have the Right place for Installation? (Be sure to look for projectors with a lens-shift feature. This allows for some adjustments should you need to place the projector a little off-center.)

The best audio complement to a large video projected image is a home theater surround sound audio system that includes a home theater receiver and multiple speakers.  If you don’t want all the hassle of a traditional home theater audio setup, you can opt to place a sound bar above or below your screen, which, at least would provide a better solution than no sound at all, and definitely better than any speakers built into a video projector.

Below are five major factors that will help determine whether a projector is right for you.

  1. Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector

  • Far more accurate color with Epson – 3LCD, 3-chip technology for 3x Higher Color Brightness and up to 3x Wider Color Gamut than competitive DLP projectors.
  • Look for two numbers: 3000 lumens Color Brightness for more accurate, vivid color3000 lumens White Brightness for well-lit rooms.
  • SVGA resolution (800 x 600) – for projecting basic presentations and graphics. Press the E-Zoom Plus button on the remote control in order to zoom into a portion of the image and enlarging it on the screen.
  • Fast, easy setup, only from Epson – get up and running in no time with easy image adjustments and convenient control
    Compatible with the latest laptops and media players – supports HDMI, the standard in connectivity, for digital video and audio with just one cable

Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector

2.  BenQ DLP Home Theater Projector

  1. HIGH RESOLUTION: 3D 1080p projector with ANSI Brightness of 2,200 Lumens, 15,000:1 contrast, premium RGBRGB Color Wheel and ISFccc Certified Calibration for Day/Night viewing
  2. QUIET PROJECTOR: Whisper quiet operation, with the lowest fan noise in its class allows viewers to hear the movie, not the projector.
  3. SHORTER THROW PROJECTOR: Easy installation and setup with a diagonal screen size of 60″-180″, 1.3x zoom, Vertical Lens Shift and a throw ratio of 1.15-1.5 (79″@6.6ft)
  4. ENERGY EFFICIENT PROJECTOR: Includes SmartEco technology for energy conservation and auto standby mode to save energy and prolong lamp life; lamp lasts up to 7,000 hours
  5. RELIABLE BRAND: BenQ is the #1 best-selling DLP projector brand worldwide with 1 year warranty for parts and labor
  6. HDTV Compatibility: 480i, 480p, 576i, 567p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p‎, Video Compatibility: NTSC, PAL, SECAM, SDTV‎

BenQ DLP Home Theater Projector

3.  BenQ HT2150ST 1080p Home Theater Projector Short Throw for Gaming Movies and Sports

Projection System: DLP
Native Resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080)‎
Resolution Support: VGA(640 x 480) to WUXGA_RB(1920 x 1200) *RB=Reduced Blanking‎
Brightness (ANSI lumens): 2200 ANSI Lumens‎
Contrast Ratio (FOFO): 15000:1 ‎
Display Color: 1.07 Billion Colors‎
Native Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Light Source Wattage: 240W‎
Light Source Life: 3500 / 5000 / 7000 hours‎

Picture Mode: Bright/Vivid/Cinema/Game/Game(Bright)/User/ISF Night/ISF Day/(3D)‎
Color Wheel Segment: 6-Segment (RGBRGB)‎
Color Wheel Speed: 6x (50Hz), 4x (60Hz)‎
Rec.709 Coverage: 96%

Speaker: Chamber Speaker 10W x 2

HDTV Compatibility: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Video Compatibility: NTSC, PAL, SECAM, SDTV(480i/576i), EDTV (480p/576p, HDTV (720p, 1080i/p 60Hz)‎
3D Compatibility‎:
Frame Sequential: Up to 60Hz 720p
Frame Packing: Up to 24 Hz 1080p
Side by Side: Up to 24Hz 1080p
Top Bottom: Up to 60Hz 1080p‎


  1. HIGH RESOLUTION: Native 1080p Full HD image quality with high brightness of 2200 ANSI lumens and 15000:1 contrast ratio, 6x RGBRGB color wheel delivers lifelike colors which are calibrated for gaming
  2. TAKING VIDEO GAMES TO THE BIG SCREEN: Superior short throw projection with 100″ of big-screen at 1.5 meters provides an immersive and brand new gaming experience
  3. HIGH RESPONSIVENESS: The specialized low input lag and unique game modes ensure gamers an ultra-smooth and comprehensive gaming experience
  4. HOLLYWOOD-LIKE SOUNDS: The Built-in two 10W speakers with BenQ Cinema Master Audio+ tech add brilliant sounds to enhance your gaming fun
  5. DLP TECHNOLOGY: Timeless image quality, no aging problems, and virtually immune to image decay, consistently delivering picture excellence time and time again
  6. AWARD WINNING PROJECTOR – 2016 Editor’s Choice Award, Projector Central.Throw ratio:0.69 0.83 (100″ @ 1.5m)‎

Special Feature
ISF Night/ Day: Yes

BenQ HT2150ST 1080p Home Theater Projector Short Throw for Gaming Movies and Sports

4.  Epson Home Cinema 2045 1080p 3D Miracast 3LCD Home Theater Projector

  1. The Home Cinema 2045 wireless projector is designed to be your home entertainment hub, delivering Full HD 1080p content from an array of devices.
  2. Offering up to 3x Higher Color Brightness than competitive models, Epson 3LCD projectors ensure vibrant images.
  3. The projector features up to 35,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, advanced image processing, plus 2200 lumens of color brightness and 2200 lumens of white brightness.
  4. Enjoy HD movies, games and more with two HDMI ports and MHL, or wirelessly stream content via Miracast and Intel WiDi.
  5. Use your Blu-ray Disc player, gaming console, streaming device, tablet or smartphone and project up to 300″.
  6. Up to 3x Higher Color Brightness, and reliable performance – 3LCD, 3-chip technology
  7. Color Brightness: 2200 lumens, White Brightness: 2200 lumens
  8. Full HD 1080p, widescreen, 3D performance – for movies, games and more, up to 300″ on virtually any wall or screen
  9. Focal Length: 16.9 – 20.28 mm; Zoom Ratio: 1.0 – 1.2 manual

Epson Home Cinema 2045 1080p 3D Miracast 3LCD Home Theater Projector

5. Epson Home Cinema 660 3,300 lumens color brightness (color light output) 3,300 lumens white brightness (white light output) HDMI 3LCD projector

  1. Enjoying big-screen entertainment is easier than ever with the Home Cinema 660 portable projector.
  2. Get life-sized images up to 300″ — up to 25x larger than a 60″ flat panel — for on-demand TV, outdoor movies or multiplayer videogames.
  3. It’s simple with all-digital HDMI connectivity.
  4. Featuring 3,300 lumens of color/white brightness (1), this projector shines bright. Plus, Epson 3LCD projectors deliver remarkable color accuracy, with up to 3x Higher Color Brightness (2) and up to 3x Wider Color Gamut (3) over competitive DLP projectors — and no rainbow effect.
  5. The Home Cinema 660 also offers a built-in speaker and simple image adjustments for hassle-free fun.
  6.  For convenient and reasonable recycling options, visit our official site.
  7. SmartWay is an innovative partnership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency.
  8. Images up to 300″ – life-sized images up to 25x larger than a 60″ flat panel, on virtually any blank wall or screen.
  9. Bright – ideal for a variety of lighting conditions, the Projector has 3, 300 Lumens of equal color and White brightness.
  10. All-digital HDMI connectivity – Connect your cable/satellite box, Blu-ray Disc player, gaming console or streaming device.
  11. Fan Noise: ECO mode: 28 dB, Normal mode: 37 dB
  12. Innovative 3LCD technology – amazing action scenes with no rainbow effect. Operating distance: 19 feet

Epson Home Cinema 660 3,300 lumens color brightness (color light output) 3,300 lumens white brightness (white light output) HDMI 3LCD projector


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